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CTI will provide services including inspection of all gears, parts, cleaning, repair, and labor cost on all devices listed in the RFQ. CTI technicians will provide service calls needed to maintain all equipment in proper working conditions within the manufacturers operating guidelines. They will supply all necessary parts to correct the issue, replace all necessary part in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications, and remove and dispose of replaced parts and their packaging. CTI personnel will call the point of contact after the service call is placed and will provide an estimated time of arrival.

Why use CTI for your Multiple Brand Maintenance?

Consolidating multiple providers to a single provider

Going from an environment with multiple vendor to service your equipment to one vendor brings many benefits. To start with now there is one place to call when service is needed. One provider to get the status on all of your equipment.  One provider that knows you entire organization

Reduced administrative cost

With one provider you can simplify and spend less time managing your printer/copier fleer. To start with now there will be one invoice received every month compared the mille invoices in the past. Time spend on renewal of contract or service agreement will be a fraction of the time spent before using multiple provider

Consistent service levels across the whole organization

With one provider you now have the ability to establish consistent response time and priorioty services for all end users. Also, with one provide you can more easily establish different level of response time for equipment designated as critical for the organization.

Increased control and visibility of total usage and cost

Having a single provider allow you to collect date on usage patterns for all equipment. This can be accomplished by spend analysis and service call history. An even better way is using print monitoring software which allows us to capture a wealth of data to track and better control your costs.

Ability to right-size your printer and copier equipment to meet current and future needs

Once you are collecting usage and cost data your organization is now in a position to determine if the equipment is distributed correctly based on usage. You also have the ability to re-allocate you most cost efficient devices to those areas which are printing the most. IN addition workflows can be implanted to further reduce your cost, pull-print requirement can be established. All of this would be much harder to achieve if you are working with multiple vendors.

Experience company to handle all your printing/coping equipment

CTI is a 27 year-old Small Business which has provided secure print/copier fleet and document management solutions to the Federal Government for more than two decades. CTI has established partnerships with federal agencies and manufacturers of office equipment. Federal clients turn to CTI to purchase, lease, and maintain their offices’ fleet of copiers, printers, scanners, fax machines, and multi-function devices. We support all major manufactures of printer/copier and fax machines.   In addition we represent several industry leading document and print/copier monitoring software providers CTI is also registered under the SBA category of 8(m) Woman Owned Small Business program (WOSB)