Secure Print Solutions

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Secure Print Solutions

Today, you can’t afford anything less than keeping your information completely secure.

CTI uses the latest technology including authentication, encryption, vulnerability check and virus protection to secure your print environment all of which is integrated seamlessly into your IT infrastructure


In most federal organizations, it’s quite common to see PIV/CAC and proximity cards used as a secure method to access from computers to doorways. This common technology that is used for employee identification can now provide added value to your organization as it can also be used to authorize MFP usage, this feature enhances the user experience using 2 factor or convenience authentication.


  • Centrally managed user authentication control and MFP function permissions enhance security
  • Central server-controlled MFP/User management greatly reduces manpower requirements
  • Authenticated printing reduces unnecessary output and output left behind.
  • Color output restrictions reduce cost.
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Device Security

Protect your existing devices, CTI offers Multi-Function Device (MFP) Hardening, MFP Security Incidents Reporting, Firewall Appliances.
Every new device CTI provides is loaded and configured with the latest security protection.

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Secure Print / Pull Print

Protect in-transit documents with Secure Printing, Secure Scan to Email, Secure Scanning Workflows, Secure Faxing

CTI can configure your devices to comply with FISMA Requirements for Information management

Secure Companies utilize pull print systems to ensure an additional layer of security for the user and their corporate data. By requiring authentication at the printer location, the user is physically authorizing access to the privileged information and is present to receive and pick up the document.

Waste Reduction: How many times have you walked over to a printer and found a stack of printed documents that have been sitting there for days? Another favorite – the catch tray wasn’t open so now pages are strewn about the floor for all to read. With Pull Printing the print job is not instantly released to the printer. It waits on a server and has a timer associated with the job. If the user doesn’t physically authenticate and release the print job from the server to the printer within a set period of time the print job “times out” and is deleted. The timer is an additional security feature that ensures unprinted files are not sitting on the print server indefinitely.

Cost Control: Pull print systems can set user permissions which determine the printers and finish options available. This allows a company to control user access to the large format, full color, MFP using heavy paper stock and instead direct user access to the monochrome printers which are more cost efficient.

Improved [Greater] Productivity: Pull print systems can route a print job from the print server to any number of networked printers within the organization, allowing the user to authorize and release the print job to the nearest located printer.

Minimize hardware investment: Because the print server can send print jobs to multiple printers, businesses can centralize printer locations to service more employees with fewer actual printers.

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